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Appetite Lab

Michael Smith’s success in the software industry dates back to FieldMatrix, which he founded in the year 2000. A business-based technology endeavor, FieldMatrix’s clients include Fuji Canada, Rogers/AT&T, and Esso Imperial Oil, to name a few. In 2012, Michael sold FieldMatrix’s iCan Field Sales Software to a major player in North America. Next, Michael decided to move into the consumer-based software and app development industry and founded Appetite Lab.

By leveraging our partners’ and our own broad range of expertise in the app and software world, we can craft solutions and products that build true business value. Appetite Lab’s corporate culture attracts and retains creative, passionate, and entrepreneurial employees who are driven to create products and foster meaningful partnerships that will ultimately make the world a better place.


Develop and market innovative and meaningful mobile app and software solutions that enrich the lives of users and create value for our stakeholders.