Mid May Update

Mid May Update

Alex here, I am off to test a ton of new accessories for taking your phone out on a boat and making sure it stays nice and dry. Check out some of options I am working on acquiring, and let us know if any interest you!


First we have the ShockSack, a water resistant arm band that keeps your smartphone close by at all times, right on your arm!

Early May Updates!


Michael here, I’m off to Busan, Korea today, on my way to go meet with our manufacturing partner for our new app FishHunter! This is an app focused on the fishing industry of course, and will involve usign our app, your phone and some new hardware to change the game of Fishing! Cant say too much more right now, but stay tuned for more updates!

DoggyDatez 2.0: Our New App Unleashed!

DoggyDatez is a free location-based mobile platform (iOS and Android) that makes it easy to meet new people, new dogs, and have more fun while walking your pooch. We have a brand new look, logo, and some awesome new features.

Our new features include:

1) Skyjack a Territory: You can now use your DogMiles—points you gather by marking territories—to “fly” across the world and Skyjack other people’s territories. By “marking …

DoggyDatez 2.0: The Best (and Cutest) Celebration Cake Ever!

To celebrate the release of DoggyDatez 2.0 Android, the folks at Appetite Lab indulged in layers of moist and fudgy chocolate cake…

And for all you Apple device users, the iOS version of DoggyDatez 2.0 has finally been unleashed! Get it and become the king/queen of the hood today!

So what are you waiting for? DoggyDatez is the hottest app to make …

Appetite Lab: A Winning Recipe for Mobile App and Software Solutions

Welcome to the brand new Appetite Lab website! Here you’ll find the latest news from the world of Software and Mobile technology and regular updates on our latest products and upcoming releases.

Appetite Lab was founded in 2012 by Michael Smith, the founder and CEO of CIM (Consumer Impact Marketing). The Company serves as an app incubator that uses state-of-the-art technology to design, develop, and market its own creations, as …